WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Our Story – The Custard Shoppe
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    The guys from Jam Monster were in London, on a brisk, rainy day in September, looking for their next juice idea. Through the rain, the saw a big bright sign for a new bakery that instantly caught their attention; "The Custard Shoppe". They ran to the door, but unfortunately, the new bakery hadn't opened yet. Having to return to the U.S. The next day, and not having found any new juice ideas, the guys sulked away, pondering 'what could have been'... But then they heard a sound that would change their life. The door swung open, and a faint bell that was attached made a ringing noise that felt like home. The proprietor came out to apologize, for the new store wasn't open yet. After hearing their plight, and with sympathy in his heart, the proprietor welcomed the guys in and instantly started whipping up some of his world famous custard pies. Pie after pie, and hours of delightful conversation later, the guys had finally tasted what they had been searching for creamy butterscotch, decadent blackberry & a crisp raspberry...a trio of custard pies they knew they had to bring to the world. It took traveling a continent and little bit of luck, but from the makers of Jam Monster, we are proud to introduce our latest concoction, straight from the streets of London: The Custard Shoppe!